ODT Classics

(1999 - 2019)


"ODT Classics 1999 – 2019" is a unique publication that documents chronologically a Singaporean dance voice for two decades. It portrays the scale, breadth and depth of Singapore’s premier contemporary dance company – Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT). ODT’s wide range of repertoires have wowed global audiences through multi-faceted productions directed and choreographed by its founder Dr Danny Tan. The book shares the evolvement of Danny’s signature art expression that clearly defines his interpretation of Asian Contemporary Dance across twenty years.  Danny has found his unique expression of a Singaporean voice in the complex arts world. He has worked with numerous artists from diverse backgrounds and has toured ODT’s work extensively around the world. "ODT Classics 1999 – 2019" adds a new milestone in Singapore dance history, providing an in-depth and comprehensive representation of ODT and Danny’s voice in the Singapore arts and creative industries, as well as in the international dance scene.



A Trilogy - "Rain or Shine?"; "Lost or Found?"; "Start or Stop?"

(2018 - 2019)

Published: Oct 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-8231-1

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 250 x 250mm

A Trilogy - "Rain or Shine?"; "Lost or Found?"; "Start or Stop?" documents the 3 major full-length productions performed by Singapore’s leading contemporary dance company - Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT), which was founded in 1999. The three words - “Rain or Shine?”; “Lost or Found?”; “Start or Stop?” are choreographed by the Singaporean Choreographer - Dr Danny Tan to commemorate ODT’s 20th anniversary. The book illustrates his creative processes and reflections in creating these works, which were premiered between 2018 - 2019, with multi residencies and performances in four countries - Bulgaria, Singapore, USA and Vietnam. The overarching artistry and ambitions of the choreographer are captured through text and images. A Trilogy - “Rain or Shine?”; “Lost or Found?”; “Start or Stop?” shares the fruits of hard work by the talented artists, with new theatrical experiences being produced and resonated well with the global audiences.

Are We?


Published: Nov 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-8839-9

Pages: 58

Dimensions: 250 x 250mm

“Are We? - ODT Classic” provides a new dimension in contemporary dance expression for Odyssey Dance Theatre. For the first time, a 50-member strong choir has performed to live piano music and dance, creating sparks to bring audience’s experience to a new height. The book provides insight to the rehearsals and actual performance through text and pictures. It accentuates the fun and risk undertaken by its director Dr Danny Tan and his collaborators to break new boundaries in art-making in Singapore. This book documents the creative collaboration in detail, which that is worthy for sharing with contemporary artists and anyone interested in Singaporean dance, art and music.


I am Sorry!


Published: Nov 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-8838-2

Pages: 80

Dimensions: 250 x 250mm

“I am Sorry! - ODT Classic” documents the large-scale expression of contemporary performance through dance, photography, music and installation art, under the artistic direction of Dr Danny Tan, performed in Singapore. Through collaboration with diverse artists such as South Korea’s Shin Yong Gu, audience were enticed with the rich installation art and photography exhibition before watching contemporary dance with music performed by Singapore’s Odyssey Dance Theatre and ODT Music Ensemble. The book chronologically displays the various art forms in action through photography documentation for rehearsals and theatre presentation. “I am Sorry! - ODT Classic” highlights the importance of collaborative efforts for diverse artistry to converge and engage the senses of the audience.


Wow! Merlion


Published: Nov 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-8837-5

Pages: 126

Dimensions: 250 x 250mm

“Wow! Merlion - ODT Classic” captures a significant moment for Odyssey Dance Theatre with its Singaporean artists, in celebrating Singapore’s jubilee anniversary through a contemporary dance festival. This book documents the creative process of Dr Danny Tan in the making of “Wow Merlion!” through a multi-disciplinary approach. With an exclusive collaboration with veteran Singaporean visual artist - Chieu Shuey Fook, “Wow Merlion!” combines performance, exhibition and talk, harmonizing art, dance and music in its expression of ‘Singaporeanness’. The book “Wow Merlion! - ODT Classic”  shares the aspirations of Singaporean artists with diverse backgrounds, coming together in making a truly Singaporean art, representing Singaporean identity and spirit for global tour.



Published: Nov 2017

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-114-667-1

Pages: 60 pages

Dimension: 250 x 250mm

"Moments - ODT Classic" details the process and images of ODT's production, and is the start of the company's efforts to develop a collection of Singaporean contemporary dance classics through research and documentation.


Hi Heaven!



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The Story Continues



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Red Tears


Published: Sep 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-7430-9

Pages: 88

Dimension: 250 x 250mm

“Red Tears”, an Asian Contemporary Dance, was premiered as a highlight for Odyssey Dance Theatre’s 10th anniversary celebration in 2009. The book - “Red Tears” captures Dr Danny Tan’s creative thoughts and sentiments as a Singaporean Teochew in choreographing “Red Tears”. “Red Tears” as a book details the importance of presenting an authentic work which incorporates the traditional values that are embodied in Chinese Teochew Opera and Rituals. It has profoundly documented Danny’s voice as a choreographer with stunning images on stage. With Danny’s in-depth research and reflections on his uniquely Singaporean identity through Asian contemporary dance, the book highlights the interesting interplay of cultural collision in terms of values, beliefs, and contemporary practice. It also shows how these conflicting ideals and forms can be interweaved and co-exist in our present society.


White Shadow


Published: Sep 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-7433-0

Pages: 58

Dimension: 250 x 250mm

“White Shadow”, an Asian Contemporary Dance, was presented as a highlight for Odyssey Dance Theatre’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2009. Choreographed and produced by Dr Danny Tan, his creative process has been chronicled in this book - “White Shadow”. The book has extensively documented Danny’s authentic dance voice alongside his research and presentation. Tracing Danny’s research and reflections on his uniquely Singaporean identity in Asian contemporary dance, the book also captures his interpretation towards the beauty and the essence of his interpretation of Asian Contemporary Dance, portraying an interesting interplay of Chinese values and beliefs with contemporary dance aesthetics.



- A Dance Voyage


Published: Sep 2020

Publisher: Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-14-7429-3

Pages: 44 pages

Dimension: 250 x 250mm

“Providence - A Dance Voyage” is an autobiography of Danny Tan as an acclaimed Singaporean dancer and choreographer. The book captures his international solo tours of ‘Providence’ across 11 countries between 2006 - 2019. His touring journey embodies like a time capsule, illustrating how his art has transcended into cities of world cultures and humanity through time. This book shares with readers Danny’s pride in championing for Singaporean dance, promoting Asian Contemporary Dance with Singaporean perspective by incorporating his Chinese values and sentiments. “Providence - A Dance Voyage” depicts his strong passion towards dance, his curiosity to discover the world and his will to venture into the international dance stages.





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M Bodies



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Passion . Love



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White Sensation



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