ODT Dance supports the creation, production and promotion of Singaporean Classics worldwide, as well as develops the capacity building of Singaporean & international artists in areas of dance, music and production. With Odyssey Dance Theatre representing Singapore as its dance ambassador, it has built its strong profile and recognition as one of Asia’s foremost professional contemporary dance companies for its penchant of Asian Contemporary Dance.

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ODT International aspires to lead in arts management, providing high standards to our associates and clients. ODT International has presented some of the region’s emerging and most prolific companies, choreographers and artistes. ODT international delivers an array of capabilities including the management & touring of artistes, dance companies; development and operation of dance festivals; consulting, advisory and event management work for artistes, arts institutions and corporations, and production of dance & arts projects.

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ODT Arts Education is an arts academy  comprising of ODT Arts Faculty and Arts4yoUths, that focuses on providing  leadership and niche capabilities towards excellence in arts and dance education. It aims to unleash the potential of one’s arts to being fundamentally instrumental as vehicles of knowledge. ODT Arts Education programmes are integral to life where function, creation and learning are intertwined through the methods of learning different disciplines.

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ODT Cares strives to provide both the general public and the disadvantaged community a stimulating platform to enhance their lives through dance & arts. Recognizing its role in the community and social sector, ODT Cares, employs the performance and aesthetics qualities of dance to provide preventive and developmental services that have effectively benefited the community with varied profile needs, through underlying ideals of social harmony and cohesion in the society. ODT Cares has partnered and extended its services to numerous Social Service Agencies & Charitable Organisations, as its core programmes and community services.

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ODT Arts Hub aims to provide a new creative space for creative artists / entrepreneurs to SHARE: Synergise • Harmonise • Acquire • Rejuvenate • Exchange. It aims to harness the importance of knowledge transfer by creating new opportunities, and providing resources to ignite positive impact for the advancement of creative arts in Singapore and beyond.

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ODT Gives, an enabler of Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd, aspires to partner like-minded corporates and creative talents so as to solicit adequate funds & resources to promote actions for artistic and public good.

Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd and its 6 divisions – ODT Dance, ODT International, ODT Arts Education, ODT Cares, ODT Arts Hub & ODT Gives rely on the generosity of donors, sponsors, friends and volunteers to support the various initiatives and programmes.

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