Dr Danny Tan

A renowned and prolific Singaporean dance ambassador, Danny has forged strong alliances with many international organisations and artistes over the years, positioning unique Singaporean identity on the world dance map. A well-known dance practitioner and producer with remarkable milestones in in dance-making and production, he is highly commended by international press and media, government officials and dignitaries. Danny’s commissioned works by corporates, ministries and institutions have graced theatres and festivals across Asia, Australia and Europe. He has directed and produced more than 100 mainhouse seasons and 3 different dance festivals at ODT, more than 50 of which have involved international exchanges and collaborations. Danny’s choreography includes 19 full-length works and more than 80 short works that are performed to global audiences.

As an educator, consultant, choreographer and reviewer, Danny has received accolades for his sustainable dance education programmes and initiatives since 1994. He has set strong benchmarks and foundation for the dance development in Singapore, pioneering many notable programmes. Danny has been profiled as a key speaker at conferences and seminars. He has also presented his papers at symposiums and conferences. In 2010, he authored and published his first book – ‘Dance Odyssey – A Decade of Brilliance’, tracing the development of ODT across ten years. This ‘state of the art’ publication documents his artistic journey and ascertains his new voice through text and images. Danny was conferred the Doctor in Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2010.

As a ‘mover and shaker’ in Singapore dance, Danny performs internationally and extensively, flying Singapore’s flag with pride. He continues to inspire the new generation of artistes and audiences with his passion for dance, charting new frontiers and confronting new boundaries, setting new impressive possibilities for Singapore dance to grow and prosper.