Artistic Curation & Excellence

A renowned and prolific Singaporean dance ambassador, Danny has forged strong alliances with many international organisations and artistes for 2 decades, positioning unique Singaporean identity on the world dance map. Championing for a uniquely Singaporean voice, Danny is a well-known arts practitioner and producer with remarkable milestones in artistic direction & consultancy and dance making & production. With strong acumen in lighting, staging, print & media, Danny is highly commended by local and international press and media, government officials and dignitaries for his penchant of Asian Contemporary Dance works. Danny’s international engagements and commissioned works by embassies, corporates, ministries and institutions have graced significant events and festivals across Asia, Australia, Europe & Americas.

As the Founder and Artistic Director of Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd) since 1999, Danny has directed and produced more than 100 mainhouse seasons. His signature works includes more than 20 full-length works and 100 repertoire that are performed to global audiences of more than 30 cities in 20 countries. Danny is also the Festival Director of 2 notable Singapore International Dance Festivals – Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta and DanzINC –International Dancers and Choreographers’ Residency Festival, which he founded in 2001 and 2004 respectively.


Educational Related Skills

As an educator and consultant, Danny specialises in Programme & Curriculum Development, Research & Documentation, as well as teaching & mentorship. He has received accolades for his sustainable dance education programmes and initiatives since 1994. He has set strong benchmarks and foundation for the dance development in Singapore, pioneering many notable programmes. His long-term commitment in the talent development have resulted his Singaporean protégés performing in his works, building a significant body of Asian Contemporary Dance works which have distinctly positioned itself in Singapore and abroad.

Danny has also been profiled as a key speaker at conferences and seminars. He has also presented his papers at symposiums and conferences. In 2010, he authored and published his first book – ‘Dance Odyssey – A Decade of Brilliance’, tracing the development of ODT across ten years. In 2017, he produced two state-of-the-art publications – ‘Dance Odyssey – Inspiring Moments’ & ‘ODT Classic – Moments’ and launched at the Victoria Theatre. These 3 state-of-the-art publications document his artistic journey and ascertain his authentic dance voice through powerful text and images. Danny was conferred the Doctor in Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2010.


Community Engagement & Outreach

Danny’s caring for the community and the under-privilege sector saw the birth of many sustainable community initiatives such as the Summer DanceFit Festival (SDF) since 2006, which has health, fitness and dance being promoted as a wholesome idea for community bonding. As the SDF’s Festival Director, he has enriched and engaged the social sector with close partnership with numerous organisations, raising public awareness and participation in community events through extensive track records.


Leadership & Management Skills

Armed with exemplary management & leadership skills, Danny possesses business acumen in general management, in particular marketing & sponsorship, international relations, event management & promotion, strategic planning & business development, and partnership & alliances with public and private organisations. Under his leadership, Danny has transformed Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd from a dance company to a notable dance institution in Singapore, providing holistic support towards a healthy dance ecosystem in Singapore and the region. His 20 years at Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd has proven his vision and foresight in consistently developing new business and organisational models to meet the ever-changing arts landscape. Hence, shaping a uniquely Singaporean voice.

Wall Street Journal (Hong Kong) once cited Danny as a ‘mover and shaker’ in Singapore Arts Scene. Danny has received recognition from various Governmental agencies of different countries and international organisations. He recently received K-Fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of South Korea recognising him as a Singapore’s Cultural Celebrity. He has also received a 3-year fellowship supported by International Society for the Performing Arts – National Arts Council (ISPA – NAC) between 2017 – 2019.

As a Singaporean Cultural Ambassador, Danny’s sincerity has earned the trust of many local and international esteemed organizations, and across different sectors. He tours ODT extensively with Singaporean works and artists. He continues to inspire the new generation of artistes and audiences with his passion for dance, charting new frontiers and confronting new boundaries, setting new impressive possibilities for Singapore dance to grow and prosper.