01 April 2020: Message by ODT Ltd Board of Directors – “Giving Lives, Celebrating Good”

Welcome to a new era at Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd), after its 20 years of creative arts journey in Singapore & abroad from 1999 to 2019!

As a notable charitable arts and cultural institution, ODT Ltd commits to deliver its hallmark of arts excellence, reaching out to ‘glocal’ audiences and beneficiaries through its 6 divisions – ODT International, ODT Arts Education, ODT Cares, ODT Arts Hub, ODT Gives & ODT Dance, supported by ODT Gem – Home of ODT Ltd. We are very honored to have served the diverse communities from arts, education, social, creative and corporate and global sector. We would also like to acknowledge all our supporters and stakeholders for journeying with us!

ODT Ltd excels with its long-term belief that ‘arts has a larger purpose in the society’, hence its consistency to champion exemplary Singaporean arts, culture and services. We are proud to have built a unique organizational profile, which is one of its kind, and certainly a groundbreaking model in Singapore’s arts industry.

Do check our extensive online communication tools such as websites and Facebook. You will find our updated corporate profiles and revamped programme direction for the next 5 years. Guided by the three principles – Exquisite; Exponential & Elaborate, our multi-leveled programming through ODT Ltd’s distinctive divisions will engage more participants in the best possible ways, through its extensive hosting platforms and channels.

As we march into our new decade to champion our mission “Inspiring Lives, Celebrating Moments, Excellence in Dance & Arts”, we look forward to your continued support. We hope to invite more like-minded friends and partners to join us, supporting us to do our best for Singaporeans.

Let’s unite to provide uplifting and meaningful experiences to all through excellence in Dance and Arts!

Yours faithfully,
Danny Tan (Dr), Founder
On behalf of Board of Directors, Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd


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