1999 Founding of Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT)
2000 ODT’s first mainhouse “Odyssey to the Sublime” at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
2000 Awarded by the National Arts Council as the first Artiste-In-School, the first of its kind in Singapore
2001 Seagate International, Patron of the Arts for ODT in 2001, commissioned three mainhouse seasons – “X-Treme 2”, “The White Sensation” & “Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta”
2001 The inaugural Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta was successfully produced with more than 80 international artists from Australia’s Expressions Dance Company, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and ODT
2002 Commissioned by The Esplanade to perform in “The White Sensation” in Esplanade Theatre.
2003 Establishment of ODT Young Company and Arts4yoUths division
2003 Co-presented with Singapore Art Museum (SAM) to present “Passion.Love”, ODT’s first outdoor mainhouse production
2004 Produced the inaugural DanzINC – international Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival, with international cast from Austria, Malaysia, Singapore & South Korea
2005 International collaboration and performance of “Synesthesia” by ODT and Seo Dong Hyun Dance Company with 14 international artists performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium.
2006 Inaugural Summer DanceFit Festival at Singapore Indoor Stadium Green
2006 ODT’s Artistic Director Dr Danny Tan was commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival to produce “Providence” for its choreographic dance platform – “Forward Moves”
2007 ODT Young Company’s first mainhouse season “Dance on the Move” at Lee Foundation Theatre
2007 First Company-In-Residence programme at ODT with Cathy Seago & Dancers (UK)
2008 Summer DanceFit Festival 2008. Closing event was held at The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens, with more than 520 performers
2009 ODT celebrated its 10th anniversary with ‘Red Tears’, a uniquely Singaporean production that investigates the 400 years old Teochew Opera with Contemporary Dance
2010 Publication of the state-of-the-art coffee table book – “Dance Odyssey – A Decade of Brilliance”, documenting ODT’s first 10 years of dance development.
2011 ODT celebrates its young company’s 10th anniversary with “Soaring Odyssey”
2011 ODT International continued to set new milestones by presenting 6th Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta, the first Singapore dance festival on tour in Singapore and Seoul.
2011 ODT’s second generation of Singaporean choreographers have ventured their choreographic skills since 2008, producing many refreshing and dynamic works, such as “Silent Connexion” that have toured internationally.
2012 Signed a three-year MOU with Dance Association of Korea & MOTUS (Italy) in May 2012, the first for a Singapore dance organisation
2012 ODT International continues its quest with an awe-inspiring 6-month DanzINC Festival, testifying ODT’s belief in engaging the audience with new precedent in International Strategic Programming
2013 First full-length performance by ODT’s second generation of Singaporean choreographers with full Singaporean casts – “The Art of Faking”
2014 Commissioned by Nanyang Polytechnic to produce and direct a dance musical “Viva!” with 400 performers to critical acclaim (Esplanade Theatre)
2014 Commissioned by the Singapore Biennale 2013 to present a site-specific work – “As We Live…” (Singapore Art Museum)
2014 Finale of the 6th DanzINC Festival – “Moments” was held in partnership with The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and in association with the Korea Festival 2014. Performed by ODT Main Company with live music & vocal accompaniment by 10 ODT Associate Artistes (Music). (University Cultural Centre Hall)
2014 Completed a 3-year MOU with Korea Dance Association (Korea) with 14 major productions, showcasing 14 works in 9 international festivals in Singapore & Korea
2014 Completed a 3-year MOU with MOTUS Company (Italy) with 12 major works and 7 festivals in Singapore and Italy
2015 Summer DanceFit Festival 2015, more than 250 participants from 35 organisations and 40 programmes for the community
2015 Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta 2015 has sustained continued growth as a festival on tour, highlighting performances on several international stages: Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, & Singapore.
2015 ODT’s new initiative P.E.T graced by Minister Grace Fu during the exclusive premiere of ‘Wow! Merlion’ at the Victoria Theatre (Singapore).
2016 Successfully completed 7th DanzINC International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival.
2016 Supported by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore for the third time, Dr Danny Tan’s full-length work “I Am Sorry!” was successfully premiered at UCC Hall as the finale of DanzINC festival, as well as Korea Festival 2016.
2017 Cultural Diplomacy (9th Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta 2017). Completed a 4-cities tour in Italy, in partnership with 5 Italian dance companies, namely Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Rome), Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company (Bari), DaCruDanceCompany (Rome), MM Contemporary Dance Company (Reggio Emilia) and MOTUS Dance Company (Siena).
2017 Successfully completed 9th Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta and celebrated Cultural Diplomacy with 50 Global Artistes & 9 companies from 20 countries.
2018 Commissioned to provide artistic consultancy & production services to Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple’s “2018 A Toast of Spring”. Venue – Marina Bay Sands, Grand Sands Theatre. GOH – Minister Ng Chee Meng (Minister for Education (Schools) & Second Minister for Transport). Performers – Metta School (150 students). Audience no. – 2000.
2018 Successfully completed 8th DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival
2018-2019 Successfully completed “Inspiring Lives, Celebrating Moments”, a year-long celebration for ODT Ltd’s 20th Anniversary. • DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival (30 June – 10 November 2018). • Arts Education Fiesta (28 July – 18 August 2018). • Creative Arts Fair (6 August – 10 November 2018). • Spring Giving Festival (19 February 2019). • P. E. T Series (8 March 2019). • Summer DanceFit Festival (28 June – 30 June 2019).
2019 Official opening of ODT Gem – Home of Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd.
2019 Successfully completed 10th Biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta – “Celebrating Cultural Diplomacy with the World!” in Singapore & Vietnam.