The holistic programmes and events hosted under the ODT Operational Activities provide in-depth experiences and engagement to diverse groups of participants. These deep-rooted and purposeful engagement will provide long-lasting impact, promote long-term understanding and enhance skills development in ODT Ltd’s 6 spheres of influences – Dance Powerhouse, Creative Hub, Giving Home, Community Oasis, Dance Academy & Arts Market.


ODT Dance

Operational Activities: Presentation & Touring • Residency • Cultural Exchanges • Seasons • Talent Development • Commissions


ODT International

Operational Activities: Companies & Artistes Management • ODT Alliances • Commission & Consultancy • Talent Development


ODT Arts Education

Operational Activities: Corporate Training Programmes • Teacher Training Programmes • Dancer Training Programmes • Internships • Special Projects • Talent Excellence Training Programmes • School Curriculum Programme • Dance Enrichment


ODT Cares

Operational Activities: Community Engagement Series • Community Enrichment Series • Community Empowerment Series • Community Enhancement Series


ODT Arts Hub

Operational Activities: ODT Arts / Social Incubation • ODT Arts / Social Showcase • ODT Arts / Social Buzz


ODT Gives

Operational Activities: Donor Engagement Series • Corporate Networking Series • Volunteer Management Series • Patron Celebration Series