An established Singaporean Cultural Ambassador, Dr Danny has forged strong alliances with many international organisations and artistes for more than 2 decades. His remarkable milestones in artistic direction, consultancy, dance making, performance and production have garnered high commendation by local and international media, government officials and foreign dignitaries. Danny’s international engagements and commissioned works by embassies, corporates, ministries and institutions have graced events and festivals across Asia, Australia, Europe & Americas.

As the Founder of Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd), Danny has directed, choreographed and produced more than 25 festivals and 100 mainhouse seasons, including 20 full-length works and 120 repertoires. He is also the founder of 2 Singapore International Dance Festivals – Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta and DanzINC –International Dancers and Choreographers’ Residency Festival.

A respected educator, Danny has received accolades for dance education since 1994. He is an eloquent speaker at various capacities with published dance reviews and papers. He has authored more than 10 books, which are state-of-the-art publications, documenting his artistic journey and ascertained his authentic dance and arts voice.

After his Doctor in Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2010, Danny was recognised as Fellow of Social Leadership Singapore and Ace Capstone Leadership, awarded by National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and National Council of Social Services respectively, for his contributions as an inspiring Community Leader. His commitment in the community and the under-privilege sector saw the birth of several sustainable initiatives such as the Summer DanceFit Festival. His conscientious efforts to bridge the arts with social services have also impacted many lives.

Recognized as ‘Singapore’s Cultural Celebrity’, Danny was awarded the ‘K-Fellowship’ by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Sports in 2017. He also received a 3-year fellowship from the International Society for the Performing Arts and National Arts Council in 2017. Danny’s sincerity has earned the respect of many local and international esteemed organizations. As a mover and shaker in Singapore’s arts scene, Danny tours Odyssey Dance Theatre extensively and continues to inspire a new generation of artistes and audiences with his passion for dance, charting new frontiers, and setting new impressive possibilities for Singapore dance to grow and prosper.