A collective of 12 acclaimed festivals that will expose audiences and participants to a broad base of multi-levelled arts experiences that are educational, entertaining and enriching. Deeply entrenched in high quality and refinement, each festival contains rich programming, accommodating to diverse interests and will enliven experiences for the audience. Building upon ODT Ltd’s rich foundation in festival curation for 20 years, these festivals will attest that “arts is for all”.


Festivals @ ODT Dance:

  1. Site . Empowerment . Transit

2. Performance . Exhibition . Talk


Festivals @ ODT International:

  1. DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency

2. Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta


Festivals @ ODT Arts Education:

  1. Go . Grow . Glow

2. Arts Education Fiesta


Festivals @ ODT Cares:

  1. Give & Care

2. Summer DanceFit


Festivals @ ODT Arts Hub:

1, Creative Arts Link

2. Creative Arts Fair


Festivals @ ODT Gives:

1, Spring Celebration

2, Winter Giving


Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta (since 2001)

DanzINC – International Dancers’ & Choreographers’ Residency Festival (since 2004)

Summer DanceFit Festival (since 2006)

Performance. Exhibition. Talk (P. E. T. Series) (since 2015)

Creative Arts Fair (since 2018)

Arts Education Fiesta (since 2018)

Spring Giving Festival (since 2018)

Winter Giving (since 2018)