Overall Programmes


Programmes at ODT Ltd are specially designed to benefit different beneficiaries and audiences through its 6 diversified divisions namely ODT Dance, ODT International, ODT Arts Education, ODT Cares & ODT Arts Hub. Guided by the three principles –Exquisite; Exponential & Elaborate, our multi-levelled programming will engage our participants in the best possible ways through ODT Ltd’s extensive hosting platforms and channels.

Programmes are structured in the following streams of thoughts under the acronym of SET:

Supreme: ODT Pinnacle Events

Events are specially and carefully curated to build multi-disciplinary arts experiences for our audiences and beneficiaries. Held in unique spaces, these events represent a combination of rich heritage, exquisite artistry, high quality presentation and professionalism. ODT Pinnacle Events represent ODT Ltd’s sincerity to offer its clientele and audience the best authentic ambience that combines fine art with lifestyle, including seamless extraordinary experiences in Show Extravaganza, Exquisite Dining or Swing Expedition.


Exponential: ODT Festivals

A collective of acclaimed festivals that will expose audiences and participants to a broad base of multi-levelled arts experiences that are educational, entertaining and enriching. Deeply entrenched in high quality and refinement, each festival contains rich programming, accommodating to diverse interests and will enliven experiences for the audience. Building upon ODT Ltd’s rich foundation in festival curation for 20 years, these festivals will attest that “arts is for all”.


Target: ODT Operational Activities

The holistic programmes and events hosted under the ODT Operational Activities provide in-depth experiences and engagement to diverse groups of participants. These deep-rooted and purposeful engagement will provide long-lasting impact, promote long-term understanding and enhance skills development in ODT Ltd’s 6 spheres of influences – Dance Powerhouse, Creative Hub, Giving Home, Community Oasis, Dance Academy & Arts Market.