2019 Testimonials

“My heartiest congratulations on your 20th Anniversary!”

Ms Sim Ann
Senior Minister of State
Ministry of Communications and Information
Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth

“With its theme, “Celebrating Cultural Diplomacy with the World”, I am deeply impressed by ODT Ltd’s continuous efforts in promoting cultural exchange with many countries in the region through dance. Especially ODT Ltd has orchestrated various projects to enhance bilateral cultural relations between Singapore and Korea. Korean artists have been invited regularly to join its significant events since 2001.”

H. E. Mr Ahn Young-jip
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Singapore


“2019 marks a significant year for Poland and Singapore, celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relationship. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland is pleased to support new collaborative efforts of ODT Ltd in promoting arts and culture. With Singaporean “cultural ambassador” Dr Danny Tan being invited to the Polish Dance Platform in Gdansk, as well as attending the opening of Singapore new Honorary Consulate’s office in Warsaw in September 2019, these initiatives mark some of the wonderful ways to continue the cultural diplomacy and strengthening people-to-people ties between the two countries.”

H. E. Mrs Magdalena Bogdziewicz
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Poland to Singapore


“Congratulations to Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd) for hosting the successful 10th biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta (XPO) this October & November, continuing its cultural diplomacy efforts with the world since 2001. It is heartening to see ODT Ltd, a pioneer in contemporary dance development in Singapore has gained ground firmly with a sizeable audience in Singapore and this region for the last 20 years.”

H. E. Mr Sagi Karni
Ambassador, Embassy of Israel to Singapore


“Congratulations to Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd) for “Celebrating Cultural Diplomacy with the World” with its notable 10 th Biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta (XPO). The Taipei Representative Office in Singapore is pleased to note that Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd) has long-term relationship with Taiwanese artists since its founding in 1999.”

Mr Francis Kuo-Hsin Liang
Representative, Taipei Representative Office in Singapore


“Heartiest congratulations to ODT Ltd for the grand opening of ODT Ltd’s new home, a very significant milestone indeed. Dr Danny Tan and his passionate team with 20 years of relentless innovation and creativity are inspirational, not only nurturing talents in Singapore but also touching many lives along the way. Singapore and Singaporeans should be proud of ODT Ltd for their achievements and aspirations. May ODT Ltd continue to progress and advance from strength to strength!”

A/Prof Lim Tit Meng
Chief Executive, Science Centre Board


“Danny’s talent and passion for bringing arts to the community is inspiring! We look forward to new productions from ODT Ltd and all the best in your future pursuits.”

Ms Tina Hung
Deputy CEO, National Council of Social Service


“Under the visionary and strong leadership of Danny, ODT Ltd will excel again in the next 20 years.”

Mr Lim Soon Hock, JP
Founder & Managing Director, PLAN-B ICAG Pte Ltd


“It is my honour to have the opportunity to attend the 20th Anniversary gala reception, and learn the journey of Dr Danny Tan and his team in fufilling their dream for best arts performance. I believe, ODT Ltd’s inspiration and persistence will lead to an even brighter future.”

Mr Wu Jikai
Counsellor, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China


“I will never hide my pride of being Danny’s friend. He has been helping people all over the world recognise the wisdom, art talent and potentials of South Asian culture.”

Mr Dinh Hoang Linh
Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission , Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam


“Dr Danny manages very well how to connect with people while at the same time shows the beauty of the Singaporean cultural traditions. His shows are with no doubt a wonderful mixture between human interaction and arts.”

Ms Maria Dionisia Villalba Buonaffina
Charge d’Affaires and First Secretary, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


“Danny, you are absolutely amazing person, so authentic and passionate that you can drive the crowds. The story of your live and ODT Ltd, which I heard at the dinner, was truly impressive.”

Mrs Joanna Dopierala-Konkolowicz
Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Poland


“I’ve known Danny for a very long time and have always been awed by both his indomitable spirit as well as his creativity. Each year, his resourcefulness will bring out a brand new show with new themes but always building on the Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd persona and brand. With unstinting support from his loving wife and loyal team, Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd has achieved much but it will need more help from the Community to meet the challenges ahead. It deserves every support from the National Arts Council and the latitude to continue unhindered in it’s creative journey.”

Mr Albert Tan
General Manager (Global Clients)Truscott Crisis Leaders


“ODT Ltd has certainly reached a critical milestone and I certainly wish Danny and his team all the best, so that many more can benefit from their creativity and contribution to the arts.”

Mr Leonard Lee
Executive Director, Community Justice Centre


“Sensing a heartfelt journey that ODT Ltd has gone through the years in making different with everyone in this family, touching lives through expressions beyond words. All the best in all endeavours with you and your inspiring team.”

Venerable Shi You Guang
Vice Chairman (General Affairs), Singapore Buddhist Federation


“I am proud that ODT Ltd, a locally founded professional dance organisation, shines out of Singapore after 20 years of establishment. I was touched, on 30 May 2019 at the Closing Gala Reception, to witness the result of ODT Ltd. The perfect performance displayed the tremendous effort, time, patience and perseverance behind the scene.
Best wishes to ODT Ltd, Danny and his dedicated team, looking forward to your bringing ODT to an even greater height.”

Ms Chooi May Yin
President, Realm of Tranquility


“With the passion of ODT Ltd team, led by Dr Danny Tan, I am confident ODT Ltd will continue to mesmerise audience with their dance talent and fly to greater height! Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, an impressive feat, not many can achieve.”

Dr Tan Lay Pheng
Assistant Director (Office of Corporate Communications), Republic Polytechnic


“A splendid display of talent and finesse. Dr Danny Tan is a real gem to the Singapore Arts scene.”

Ms Yenny Rubiana Sugeng
Deputy General Manager (Corporate Management & Communications) – South West Community Development Council, People’s Association


“We are heartened by the inspiring work from the ODT Ltd over the years. Singapore needs to have more talents like Danny and ODT Ltd to make the local arts environment more vibrant and provides a platform to groom more youth artistic talents.”

Ms Lee Sien Tee Cynthia
Assistant Director – Singapore Chingay & Events Network (SCENE) – Partnership Group, People’s Association


“Your vision, talent and perseverance in sustaining ODT and bringing it till today is admirable. ”

Mr Tay Lai Hock
Kampung Chief (2008 – 2018), Ground-up Initiative


“Congratulations to ODT Ltd on their beautiful home at Gemini@Sims. As ODT Ltd marks their 20th anniversary, they show that they are more than ready to scale greater heights with their new space and new team. Under the leadership of Dr Danny Tan, ODT Ltd has bravely carved its own path and contributed to the arts industry. One looks forward to an even brighter future from ODT Ltd for the next 20 years!”

Mr William Phuan
Executive Director, Singapore Book Council